Weekly notes #6

On 10x programmer myth, tail call optimisation in Ruby and speeding up tests using coverage analysis.

Ruby, systems, performance, and programming links from last week.


Few articles related to tail call optimization in Ruby (available since 1.9.2 as a compile time option):

Tail Call Optimization in Ruby Deep Dive

Tailin Ruby - how to emulate TCO without native support.

Caveats with Ruby Interrupt - continuing with timeouts theme from previous week, here’s another article dealing with interrupts.

OMG Ruby and Rails Performance - Aaron Patterson talks about speeding up tests (by not running those that exercise unmodified code - see Coverage.peek_result, pros and cons of weak refs and benchmarking using stack-prof and allocation_tracer).

On the 10x programmer

The mythical 10x programmer - good design advice - cutting off unnecessary cruft to speed up development of other features, minimalism, sacrificing perfection - the mentioned skills are good to hone continuously.

On the Myth of the 10X Engineer - similar, focused on interpersonal and management skills.

Building online communities. So maybe its just simpler to hire competent ‘<10x’ devs and tech leads and let the multiplicative effect do its work? The minimalism tone is noticeable here as well.


The Passion Gospel - on overuse and misuse of ‘passionate’.

Geek Career Paths - Government? Megacorp? Startup? Nonprofit? Tim Bray discusses the options and compares them based on his own experience.


Prophet - Facebook releases it’s Python/R tool for time-series analysis and forecasting.

httpstat.us - responds with the status you need. Useful for testing.