Weekly notes #4

Do/end blocks in Ruby 2.5, timeouts in Ruby gems and on how page size matters.

Ruby, systems, performance, and programming links from last week.

Didn’t have much time to read this week, due to work and life happening. I subscribed to Ruby mailing list, which is a really good way to keep track of what’s up with the language. Some highlights:

do/end blocks work with ensure/rescue/else - some syntactic sugar landing in Ruby 2.5 - lambdas and other do/end blocks can have rescue clause. This will save some begin/ends.

Timeouts for popular Ruby gems - a collection of links to handling timeouts in various libraries.

Ship Small Diffs - Implement small, incremental changes. Easier to review, easier to debug, easier to deploy.

When Method Names Should Go Out with a Bang - ! does not mean mutating the receiver. Originally mentioned in this Ruby bug about Set#delete?

planetruby/awesome-events - Ruby events from around the world.

Most of the web really sucks if you have a slow connection - Dan Luu measures load times of some of his favorite pages. The results are really bad. Page weight does matter, please do optimize for it!