Weekly notes #17

State machine antipattern, how’s it like to build a Phoenix app for a Rails dev and alternative to Bloom filters w/ delete.

Weekly notes #16

On mutation testing, staying sane during library’s dependency updates and writing composable code w/ iterators.

Weekly notes #15

On origins of LISP, getting from NAND gates to Tetris, and building Ruby extensions in Rust.

Weekly notes #14

Multithreading performance and variable shadowing in Ruby, basic block versioning.

Weekly notes #13

A template for post-mortems, on structured logging and object’s memory layout in Ruby.

Weekly notes #12

On deserializing InstructionSequence, Ruby-LLVM bindings, and how to critically read papers.

Weekly notes #11

Proposal for improving performance in MRI Ruby using RTL+JIT, on mruby, and fuzzing.

Weekly notes #10

On destructuring, how constant lookup works in Ruby, approaches to distributed cache invalidations and how to write a good commit message.

Weekly notes #9

MRI 2.4.1 is out, on error handling design, Algol’s influence + proof why we’ll all end up on Go :)

Weekly notes #8

On MRI parallelism & GIL + how to run a meetup.

Weekly notes #7

On new hash table implementation in Ruby 2.4 & DB resiliency in presence of filesystem-level errors.

Weekly notes #6

On 10x programmer myth, tail call optimisation in Ruby and speeding up tests using coverage analysis.

Weekly notes #5

Idempotency for POSTs, on dangers of Ruby’s Timeout and how Java solved the same problem.

Weekly notes #4

Do/end blocks in Ruby 2.5, timeouts in Ruby gems and on how page size matters.

Weekly notes #3

Weekly notes #2

Weekly notes #1