Hi there! I’m Balázs. I solve business problems by writing software for a living and help younger software engineers grow: right now as a backend engineer at Leadfeeder.

I code in Ruby, a bit of Go and my memory contains trace amounts of C and Perl. I like building APIs, debugging, and reading papers. Over time, I also became interested in learning how small businesses work.

I run my own web and mail servers on a Raspberry Pi. I’m a fly by contributor to open source. Some of my toy projects and prototypes are publicly available here.

I like Salsa dancing, reading books, gardening, cooking, learning more about 20th century history and evolution of computer science.

I live in and work remotely from Písek, a beautiful town in South Bohemia.

You’re always welcome to say hi at balazs at kutilovi dot cz.

P.S.: If you’re a recruiter, my CV is on Linkedin. But please don’t contact me unless you’re 100% sure the job is full-time remote, thanks!